Education and Training

Ms. Wilson Billian received her B.A. in Psychology and Education from Queens College, City of New York, and her M.S. in Agency Counseling from The University of South Alabama. She has been in practice since 1987 providing psychotherapy services through the private and public sectors in Alabama and Georgia. She also proudly supported U.S. military families in Germany through the Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Services (ASACS). She served as a Primary Therapist at Talbott-Recovery Campus, one of the top addiction treatment centers in the country. She also worked in the Georgia public school system as a high school counselor and Department Head providing academic, career and social emotional counseling to thousands of students throughout her career. She has been in private practice in the East Cobb section of the Atlanta metro area since 2006. She has certification as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor II and Supervisor, School Counselor and is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional. She was trained in the treatment of child abuse survivors by the National Children's Advocacy Center in Huntsville, Alabama and has undergone intensive training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Transactional Analysis and Family Systems Therapy. She is also a living kidney donor and assists individuals and families facing difficult decisions around living organ donation and those serving as caregivers to loved ones with chronic organ failure and post-transplant.


Ms. Wilson Billian believes that therapy is a collaborative effort between herself and her clients. Mutually agreed upon goals will be established after the completion of a thorough evaluation which addresses the client's history and concerns and improves quality of life. Successful therapy requires the establishment of a trusting, nurturing and respectful environment coupled with a high level of therapeutic skills on the part of the clinician. Release forms may be obtained to consult with other professionals whose input may serve as valuable to the current treatment process. Various clinical techniques and strategies may be employed to increase insight, break unhealthy patterns and improve emotional health. Reading assignments, homework and referrals to community resources may also be employed to more effectively reach goals. 

Ms. Wilson Billian is a solution-focused therapist who takes great satisfaction out of assisting individuals and families manage lives more effectively so that reaching potential becomes achievable.

Her Philosophy as a Therapist

About Ms. Wilson Billian